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After a year of owning arcdevelop.co.uk and being a Web Developer, I thought it was wrong that I didn’t actually have a personal website. I mean, it’s what I do.

So I set out on a Sunday afternoon to begin designing this site, I first started to think about content and not having a huge array of freelance work under my belt it proved tricker that I’d first imagined. I went for just the basic information, name, occupation, contact information and the mandatory Twitter feed.



Glossy Black Icons for my social media links.


noisepng.com for the background. 


I chose a font called Exo from Google Web Fonts.

Responsive web design is a big passion of mine, I love how you can completely change the look and feel of a site to cater for any screen size and mobile device. I’ve enabled my site to respond to tablets and mobile phones.

Website: arcdevelop.co.uk

Author: Alexander Cole

24 2 / 2012

It is what it is…

It is what it is…

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14 2 / 2012

What a great song! 

Utah Saints vs Drumsound & Bassline Smith - ‘What Can You Do For Me’

13 2 / 2012



Rich Hughes (GK)

Alex Cole (LB)

Josh Windels (RB)

Jake Paedo (CM)

Chris… Josh’s mate (CM)

Toby… Josh’s boyfriend (ST)


With a few last minute changes The Hawks got kitted up and began the game.

Our first half we showed great motivation with our one-twos especially Jake and Toby, linking up well together. Chris, our stand-in player showed us that he has a good footballing mind, finding the runs and making them himself. His positioning opened up their defence and gave us plenty of opportunities to score, one in which he calmly converted into the top right corner.


More great play by The Hawks for the remainder of the first half, the whistle blew and a quick change of ends and the second half was on. Our plan was to keep it the same, if it’s not broken… don’t fix it.

Our moral was up, our spirits were lifted… However the game wasn’t won yet as we were soon to find out. They were on the counter attack, two men vs Josh, normally Josh loves to take on two men at once but it wasn’t that kind of game… unfortunately.

They passed it between themselves and scored.


They had a number of shot at goal where Rich pulled off some fancy saves to push the ball onto the post, well played mate.
Our minds weren’t switched on and Josh passed the ball across goal to Jake who didn’t expect it, and their player came in and blasted it at goal.


We needed to up our game!

We had most of the possession, which pissed off the opposition who resulted in going straight for the foul every time and claiming absolutely everything! There was one part where Toby go fouled, played on, the got fouled again, played on again, the knocked it to Jake who also got fouled(!) and they had the cheek to argue with the ref’s decision!!!

Nearing the last couple of minutes Jake cleared the ball and Josh managed to out run the defender (?!?!?!?!) and was one-on-one with their keeper. He dummied the shot to fool the keeper and casually slot in the equaliser.

Was it a fluke… we’ll never know…


Their anger carried on to the end of the game where Jake got caught in a “skuff” with one of their players. However it was quickly defused.

The game finished 2-2.

Personally I think we should have won this, we needed to put away more chances, but oh well. Shit happens.



Alex Cole’s header: I miss-judged the path of the ball and it was careering pass me, instinctively I threw my whole body at the ball and managed to knocked it out of play. Like a wild salmon leaping out of a Scottish river.

Toby’s Foul: Apparently Toby fouled their player who was trying to tackle him…

Chris Against Pikey: End of the game, ref said “Shake Hands” Pikey said “I’ll shake his head, hur hur hur hur” Chris told him to “Fuck off” then was asked by said pikey to repeat, so Chris kindly repeated… then nothing happened… 


Shame about the draw, but it’s better than a loss.


29 7 / 2011


Winning Compilation May/June/July 2011 - So Funny!

20 7 / 2011

Harry Potter Picks Up Girls - Get Her Number!

18 7 / 2011


Line up;

Goalie: Jake “I talk and talk and talk and talk and talk and talk” Spiller

Defence: Josh “I don’t say tactics lads cuh *proceeds to swish Bieber’esque hair*” Matthews

Defence: Jake “Tiff Tiff Tiff Tiff Tiff Tiff Tiff Tiff Tiff, did you know she’s my girrrrrlfriend, and we are a happy couple *smiley-face*” Edwards

Midfield: Alex “a very good player, just needs a good touch, strength and shot….oh” Cole

Midfield: Luke “Tastes of Gold” McDermmoit

Attack: Joe “got touched by the South African grounds keeper” Thomas


We have played this team before and we know that some of them are good players, our tactics were to press up onto their players and give them no time on the ball. This proved to be successful as we were on the attack for the majority of the first half, testing their keeper countlessly. To our amazement we found out that he was a pretty decent keeper.

On one attack Luke had the ball in the corner, took the shot, the keeper pushed it out to the feet of Joe who shot only to be denied by the keeper yet again. The shot was perfect, the keeper was just that good! 

We kept most of the possession for the rest of the half and was the better team, but still they had their chances utilising their big 6ft 4” who had a good touch, but with Jake Edwards on him like a rash, he saw none of the goal.

\\\\\HALF TIME ///////////


We started the second half continuing our flawless attacks and silky passing, Josh linked well with Joe knocking the ball around their defence, and eventually he slotted home a well place goal, “tactics lads”.

The oppositions attacking increase, they used a roll on roll off sub, which meant that we were almost out played in the fitness area, but with great organisational chat from Jake Spiller we remained ahead. 

A couple of good attacks from the opposition were calmly shut down by Luke, well tracked back.

In the last minutes we conceded a corner, as they took it Jake Edwards and I bumped into each other which meant that our men we were marking got loose. The 6ft 4” striker produced a  powerful header, I thought it was going in, but skillfully Jake Spiller managed to get back across the goal to palm it out.

Final Score 1-0

Great result lads, we all played really well, it would be unfair to name one person as Man of the Match as I think we all played exceptionally well.

Soccer Sixes League

We now are on 24pts.

Muchos Love


16 7 / 2011

Rusthall Fete | Saturday 16th July

For weeks and weeks my mum has been banging on about this fete and about the Dog Show which she has to judge, unfortunately I got roped in to helping out the judging. I was very sceptical about the “talent” that was expected to arrive, I’d like to think I was the Simon Cowell of the Talented Dog Industry, whereas my mum seams to think she is the Cheryl Cole.

It was a typical English summers day, overcast and raining and the dog show was expected to start at 2:30pm, with five categories and eight dogs, it looked like everyone was a winner.

After that we decided to go to the Music Tent to check out a local band called Virgin Soldier, the arrangement was as followed: a bassist, two violins, a chelo (i think), lead guitar and  keyboard/vocalist.

After about 30mins of sound check they were ready to play, and I must say they produced a really original sound, the singers harmonise extremely well. Each song had a instrumental introduction then into great vocal chorus lines and then built up to a good instrumental outro.

It’s hard to tag a genre to this band, quite modern/contempoary songs with a country/classical touch to it.  The whole band had such a good rhythm together and they looked like they really enjoyed playing.

This was an unexpected highlight of the fete, and i’m sure I will buy some of their songs.

Bands website | Facebook | Twitter

Right, time for the Pub! 

10 7 / 2011

Sean Guy’s 20th featuring Alex Cole, Matthew Aydon and Richard Peterson

On 10th July 1991 Sean Guy was born, to celebrate his birthday we decided to go to London to a club called The Roxy, this was a pretty cool night club, playing some great songs (not repetitive dance sh#t), the drinks were cheap but it meant that we bought a lot more, so it ended up being quite a messy night. 

We had our Hula Hoops and then went to bed. I would have written more about the night, but it all was a bit of a blur.

Near Death Experience

The following afternoon we all were heading home via the Manor House underground, being a great friend I helped carry some of Matt’s bags, this is where it starts to go down hill.

So I’m dragging this “bag on wheels” through the many walkways of the London underground, people are banging into it, it’s doing that momentum tipping over sideways thing, just being a bloody pain! 

We are all waiting for the underground train’s doors to open when a stereotypical Jewish family pushes infront of me and instead of boarding the train and moving to the back they just stood in the doorway blocking my entrance. At this point I hear the doors closing noise and I attempt to jump in, but I was too late…

The doors clamp shut on me with one leg and arm in and one leg and arm feebly dangling out if the carriage clutching onto that bloody bag!

The train starts to move due to the insignificant size of my body not telling the train that the door hasn’t properly shut! I’m battling with the door, frantically trying to get my limbs free. Oh yeah, the worst part is that NO-ONE in the full carriage tried to help me, all of them JUST WATCHED, probably wanting to witness a horrific death to fuel their sick sexual desires!

Like Indiana Jones I managed to force open the doors and pull myself free, just before the tunnel wall sliced off my limbs. I was absolutely outraged by the self centered members of the carriage, also with the “technical” fault which turned an innocent train into a guillotine death trap! 

I will be writing to Boris about this.

No Jews were harmed in this true story.

Video: Pram stuck in train doors 

08 7 / 2011

Wladimir Klitschko’s Haye summary